What do you get?.. good question!

It starts with me, Ben. I am the UK’s No1 Sales & Business Growth Specialist, author of “Selling For Dummies” and creator of ‘The Business Booster’ programme
I am on a 'mission' to help business avoid the painful learning curve that I endured...and so 'from the heart' I will be helping you to the very best of my ability always.

It starts with a conversationChat with us
Ben Kench

You'll want to know a little more about me

Well I am firstly a father. I sincerely believe that family and family values top the list and I am driven to ease the stress of business failing because of its impact on the precious family unit that I hold so dear.
I am also driven to promote health and a healthy planet and I know that work-life balance is critical as is a sharing attitude. Thus 'Become A business Coach' is designed for you to attain exactly that...enough money available to enjoy healthy activity and balance.

You can find me....

I am so blessed that my career has helped me to a level of prominence and thus allows me to reach people all over the country.
I am often asked to speak at major business and franchise exhibitions so please if there is a show near you, come along and lets meet personally.
Selling For Dummies
International Franchise Show
The Busness Show
The Business Booster
Business Startup
The Business Channel TV

So I get you, that's great but what about the detail?

The toolkit

Comprehensive? Absolutely!
Over 30 articles, template script ideas and How To guides that absolutely cover every aspect of building your coaching business.

Coaching lessons

24 thoughtfully created and proven 'lesson' outlines so that you can inspire and drive your new client forwards and systematically take them through a growth process. Its all there for you! Just learn the content and use the tools to deliver professionally.


In addition as you get more 'advanced' clients you'll need to stretch them a little more so you also have 12 Master Class programmes that allow you to do advanced classes or 'closed door' extra sessions for an elite group.

and to ensure I run my business well?

3 month activity plan

We have mapped out for you a proven initial pathway. Don’t worry about ‘what do I do next?’ Simply take advantage of our simple ‘step by step’ guide and follow the optimum route to your success

20 step development programme

Our on-going development programme includes a suggested set of actions, goals and measured outcomes for each stage of your success. From networking and exhibitions, to data and mailing, to Social Media, video and even speaking and becoming an author! Manage at your own pace.

Weekly and monthly connection

Hopefully you will have come through our initial training programme and be a member of our Coaches Academy. Thus every week we will talk and share and together with other coaches help you constantly grow.

Your Own Personal Brand....

Yes, if you are new to coaching and not already in business then you will need a business image of your very own.

Our expert team can create with you a *brand identity, ensuring that you begin promoting with professionalism from the moment you begin.
We are happy to build you a *website that works, as well as provide *business cards and show you how to start capturing new enquiries via your new business website from month 1...

Remember, Become A Business Coach want to help you become successful under your brand!
*these are available but represent additional costs as applicable!

This is NOT a franchise

This is really important.

As previously shared, I am driven to help create a thriving group of coaches that are active in the field because I want to help the owners of smaller businesses when they have a need. It is a mission.

Thus I refuse to add restrictions and costs.

Become A Business Coach is a unique opportunity to truly use your skills and develop your business and get massive reward when helping business owners near you.

You will NOT get

a franchise agreement that ties you in for 5 years. Your comfort is crucial from the very first day so there isn't a contract in sight.

You will NOT get

a hefty extra franchise fee each month. You will have everything you need from the moment you start, no extra costs whatsoever.

You will NOT get

a massive franchise fee outlay often £20,000 – £50,000 !!! This opportunity is available to anyone with this amazing price.

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