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All That You Need To Succeed

So, if you are thinking of becoming a coach or indeed have already started out coaching but your business isn’t going as well as you’d like, then ‘Become A Business Coach’ gives you all that you need to succeed…
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    Highly Interactive Initial Training Event

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    Comprehensive Toolkit To Ensure Success

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    On-Going Academy Support

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    Optional 1:1 Personal Coaching

Continual support & connection

Starting and running your own small business is a daunting experience. No matter how confident we feel, there are going to be new situations and new client scenarios that only real experience of ``been there done that`` can help with.

Thus you will benefit from on-going support and a sounding board to bounce ideas off and get help.
Real people sharing real experience.

In addition you will also have access to videos made to specifically cover key points, helping you become a more successful business coach.

Start your new business READY!

To become successful you have to be able to attract clients, convince them to part with cash to allow you to assist them and then you need to make it work for them, so that you gain a proven track record and are able to increase your client bank and fee base.

Master Client Attraction

including what to say, where to go, what to look for and how to open the door to a sales meeting

Drive enquiries and reputation

so that your business quickly becomes known to others and sought after

Deliver engaging and effective client coaching sessions

a series of 24 structured lessons and coaching guidance notes

Deliver seminars and marketing meetings

that are interesting and stimulative so that you grow your business faster than you’d imagined!

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