What if I am not local?

In this ‘modern’ age we have incredible communication tools that even 5 years ago didn’t really present a feasible alternative to physical meeting. Now it is absolutely easy and perfectly practical to have private and group video conferencing so that we need never feel isolated even when the weather or family commitments prohibit physical meeting. My team and I are committed to being there for you and so location is never an issue!

Will you genuinely be there in 12 months time?

Firstly let me assure you that the team and I are 100% committed to your success. We will do everything in our power to support you, inspire you, connect you.

And that’s not a time-limited offer it is the way we are. You are not buying a franchise that limits you to only working with us…neither are you tied into a long and burdensome contract…instead a willing and available team who care about your outcomes and will do so as long as we are here!

Ultimately no matter what anybody says, none of us can predict the future…but we can operate from an ethics perspective that is simply honest.
Thus if you are an active member of our coaching clientele and an active member in our on-going support group we will be here when you need us.

Can I meet you personally?

Of course! And it will be my pleasure!
Genuinely I want to learn about you and help you…I’ll ALWAYS meet with you face to face in person as you’re joining our family of coaching people and I’ll always be with you and around with any and all on-going support or training issues. Thereafter you will be invited to our live events and our road shows that are planned and Yes, lets have a brew together!

Can I speak with you personally

Yes! Of course! I am not nor ever will be a prima-donna that is aloof and out of reach! Clearly I am busy and there will be structure and scheduling but I promise to be personally involved in every step of your journey and so of course we will speak personally!

Are there regular meeting and gatherings?

Good question! The simple answer is 100% yes.
There will be weekly ‘meetings’ for all coaches in the on-going support academy and I’ll be together with my team at many local exhibitions and road-shows around the UK…so come and meet us and join in!

How do I know this can work? What is the track record?

Good question! Well in simple terms I have sold over £3million of coaching and coached businesses over the last 15 years. Whilst there are now thousands of coaches operating when there were none in 2003/4 there are equally hundreds of thousands of new businesses so a huge demand. Some will be more responsive and some resistant but there is always a few who wish to improve. These tools that I have worked with developed and refined are yours to use …and I’ll be with you in the Coaches Academy each month. Right now in your town there is huge opportunity and I’ll help you create ideas, implement plans and produce results…and ultimately we are in a results business. So, if you add your efforts into the mix you’ll sit alongside me having sold £millions too within a few years!

How much can I earn?

Well as stated in earlier comments your fee will rise as you grow in experience and feel more confident in attaining results for your clients. We do however suggest that a ‘standard’ fee might be £1000 a month per client  thus with that you might easily have 4 to 6 clients within 6-8 months and we would expect you to be averaging 8-10 clients a month by the end of year one. In your 2nd year and 3rd year your will probably increase your fee per client to £1500 or even £2000 and so income potential is incredible. Honestly this is a £10,000 growing to £15,000 per month role – or more depending upon your efforts.

How soon will it take me to earn?

With any new venture it is sensible to allow yourself a learning curve and a period of learning and preliminary activity to generate clients. It could take 3 or 4 months of activity depending upon your efforts. Typically we expect that your first clients come along in approx month 3 and then if you sustain the recommended level of marketing activity you can acquire a client per month until you hit your desired level.

What is the demand potential?

In the UK every year over 80,000 businesses cease to trade…and from experience a great number of those who survive are struggling or unhappy. Just ask a few people who you know “Are you really earning as much as you’d like?” and almost all say “No”. Thus with the ‘Become A Business Coach’ toolkit specialising in sales and marketing you could help every single one of them! Literally thousands of businesses in every town…your task is encouraging them to trust you and have a deliberate attempt to improve!

Do I have a territory?

In short No. You can go anywhere and help anyone. We have found that many of us have friends, family and former work colleagues that are now in a business that isn’t near always to where we live…we feel it is only right that you can still work with them. Indeed you’ll get clients who have contacts elsewhere and so your network may well be wide indeed. By the same token you could never ever totally cover one area as each area is massive in terms of businesses volumes.Whilst there are no defined territory ownership we do however work as a team and always consider existing arrangements and coaches before simply adding dozens more into the mix!

Business coaching support

But I have some questions for you too!

Yes, it’s true…I’d like to ask YOU some questions.

You see I care about your future and I will NOT sell you a dream if clearly you simply do not have the aptitude or circumstance or finance to make it a success.

I will ONLY allow people into this ‘family’ where I know it is right for you…and so you need to consider a few thoughts:

Are you interested?

I would just love to connect with you, answer any additional questions you may have and hopefully encourage you to get involved.
Yes I'm interested. Tell me more!

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