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Creating Your Successful Coaching Business

Become A Business Coach And Transform Your Future
Just look at the marketplace need!

The market is vast!

Over 92% of businesses operating in the UK are SMEs

The need is deperate

80% of UK businesses die within their first 5 years

The opportunity is enormous

There are more than 62000 startups every year

A winning formula ready and waiting for you

This comprehensive programme contains everything you need to start a coaching business or catapult an existing one to success.
Win great clients

I'll show you how to attract and engage clients and create a process to continuously do so

Coach effectively

You will learn everything you need to ensure you become a great business coach

Training to Become A Business Coach - Everything You Need To Succeed

Understanding Business Coaching

Business coaching demands a very unique approach. You'll need to have an understanding of the stresses and the challenges as well as having a confidence that calms. This programme will teach you how to engage a prospect and 'speak their language' to create rapport whilst also teaching you specific techniques to get strong minded business owners to embrace new ideas that you can share!

Appreciating The Needs

Thousands of owners of smaller businesses within the UK are struggling - you may know someone who is! Fact: in this ever-changing world, where competition is everywhere and where loyalty seems to be a thing of the past, businesses are struggling. This programme will show you precisely how to identify the need and spot the opportunity in order that you can win client and importantly genuinely help the business owner ease their stresses!

Inspiring Client Performance

In the end Money Talks! Your clients will pay you good money but you need to deliver for them. They demand 'Return On Investment'. Yes it’s a lot of pressure…and frankly very few deliver and thrive…but within this course you'll learn how to deliver the growth in simple, proven and manageable steps. You'll learn proven and practical 'steps' that have earned me over £3M in coaching...and you will walk your clients down a path with every single step mapped and designed. They feel your impact and enjoy the tangible visible growth. Success for them becomes success for you.

Show Me The Money

Forget the theory...let's talk cash! Your new career path haas to pay dividends. ...and you're going to be guided along a journey to genuinely substantial income! I'll teach you the very same methods I use to earn in excess of £1000 per hour! Imagine if you're ambitious earning £20,000 per month?! I'll take you there over time if that is your ambition. For now though you'll be shown how to earn £1000 per month per client...and its up to you how hard you work!

Building Your Business

Some coaches sell their services cheap…often coaching is misaligned in a £50 or £100 an hour bracket and are happy to tick over and earn a smaller amount…but that’s NOT where you will sit. This specialised business coaching programme provides you with awesome ability to make huge gains for your clients…gains in the region of £250,000 + a year extra! That means simply that learning this system is worth many hundreds per hour to you and will attract many clients who want those gains! You can build a successful business!
The Become A Business Coach programme shows you how to win clients who are happy to pay you upwards of £500 each and every day.

'Real' not 'Theory'

Would you want to be taught driving from a person who doesn't drive? Knowing how busy and dangerous the roads are would theory knowledge alone be good enough? No! This then is the ONLY business coaching programme that is 'real'. I personally am actively coaching still and have been for 15+ years and everything that works for me today I am sharing with you....AND will walk beside you as your grow.

Can I really become a successful business coach?

Personally I assure you that the answer is a massive Yes!

There will be certain clients that ‘suit’ you more than others and there will be some business types that are more aligned to you than others but during this programme we show you how to identify the right ones for you.
You will learn ‘what to say’, ‘how to attract the right sort of client and many more lessons to truly set your business on the roads to success.

(It will take some effort and input though, so respectfully if you want it ‘easy’ then this isn’t for you!)

Will you be personally a part of my journey?

Yes! I personally will be there during your initial training event and always there for you, along with my team, as you progress forwards in your new business coaching career. Some people have more experience and some have more confidence and not all want to be ‘tied’. This is NOT a Franchise with restrictive rules and binding agreements and high monthly fees!

This ‘Become a Business Coach’ training programme does however offer an option of a closer working relationship after the initial event, including in-depth training and on-going personal support…and so Yes, if you wish to work closely with me I will personally be a part of your journey!

My goal is to help you succeed. If you want me to be with you I will be with you every part of the journey.

What makes this opportunity so unique?

There are other options! You have many choices…

You can go it alone and apply your previous life skills and hope that you have what it takes – but that’s very risky!!

You can spend many times more – up to £50,000 and buy a franchised business offering but still only receive basically the same as we offer…

Or you can buy one of the many courses available via academic institutions that will teach you the theory but has absolutely no practical resource or real-world pedigree behind it.

None of that here…this programme is absolutely comprehensive, can be managed at your pace, and above all it’s personal. I care.

Take Some Of The Pressure Off!

This truly is a unique opportunity. Unlike many franchised offerings, this really is your business from day one.

Take some of the pressure off because:
Your new business can be started for a lot less money!
You're not spending £20,000 up to £50,000 and that means a ton of cash left that you can use to grow with instead of paying them!
You’re not tied to a £500+ monthly franchise fee for the next 5 years!
Your future is not tied for 5 years to someone else’s brand identity when you’d rather be using your skills and effort to grow your own brand!

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Creating Your Successful Coaching Business

Don’t Do It Alone! Increase Your Chances Massively….

The ‘Become A business Coach’ opportunity is totally designed to be what you need…and that means that you can choose to simply purchase the powerful tools and guidance that is within the box and go your own way…or you can join in with the training and on-going support and really make your chances of success increase.

Fact: none of us are all things to all men. Every client scenario will be different and each and every day we have circumstances that impact our mood, our resilience and our focus. Working with comprehensive support means that you will have incredible resource at your finger tips.

Remember I have been successfully coaching for over 15 years and I am still active today…and all of that massive wealth of experience and ‘what to do if this happens’ can be accessed by you.

Download my FREE eBook

Creating Your Successful Coaching Business

If you missed the video here it is again!

This is not just another career option or opportunity. It is a call out to anyone wanting to help businesses succeed.